API Testing

What Is API Testing ?

API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. It enables communication and data exchange between two separate software systems. A software system implementing an API contains functions/sub-routines which can be executed by another software system.

API Testing is entirely different from GUI Testing and mainly concentrates on the business logic layer of the software architecture. This testing won’t concentrate on the look and feel of an application.Instead of using standard user inputs(keyboard) and outputs, in API Testing, you use software to send calls to the API, get output, and note down the system’s response.

Benefits Of API Testing

Test for Core Functionality
The first major advantage of API testing is access to the application without a user interface. Testing the core, code-level functionality of the application provides an early evaluation of its overall build strength before running GUI tests. This helps expose the small errors that can fester and become larger problems during GUI testing. Core access also enables testing in tandem with development, fostering communication and improved collaboration between both teams.

Time Effective
API testing is far less time consuming than functional GUI testing. In GUI testing, webpage elements must be polled, which slows the testing process down immensely. To get an idea of the amount of time APIs can save when testing the core functionality of your application, consider the following real life example:

3,000 API tests in 50 minutes (in parallel execution)
3,000 GUI tests in 30 hours (in parallel execution)

In an API test, data is exchanged using XML or JSON. These transfer modes are completely language-independent, allowing you to select any core language when pursuing automated testing services for your application.

Easy Integration with GUI
With API testing, highly integrable tests are possible. This is especially beneficial if you plan to perform functional GUI tests following your API testing. For example, easy integration would allow for the creation of new users within the application prior to the start of a GUI test.

Career Opportunities

Job Roles In API Testing :

  • API Manual Tester
  • API Test Analyst

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